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Academic papers and artist publications…

The following academic papers and artist publications were written for and/or used during the seminar series to provoke discussion…

Professor Maggie MacLure, Dr Rachel Holmes, Dr Christina MacRae and Professor Liz Jones (Manchester Metropolitan University) ‘Overcoming Video-Fear‘, ‘Becoming a Problem- behaviour and reputation in the early years classroom‘ and ‘Documenting Classroom Life‘ (Seminar 1)

Dr Janet Fink (The Open University) ‘Walking the neighbourhood, seeing the small details of community life- Reflections from a photography walking tour‘ (Seminar 1)

Dr Joanna Haynes (Plymouth University) ‘Feeling the pea beneath the mattresses- philosophising with children as imaginative, critical practice‘ (Seminar 2)

Dr Sharon Brookshaw (University of Gloucestershire) ‘The Archaeology of Childhood- A museum perspective‘ and ‘The Material Culture of Children and Childhood‘ (Seminar 3)

Professor Cathy Nutbrown (University of Sheffield) ‘Ethical Issues in the Portrayal of Children in Arts-Based Educational Research‘ (Seminar 4)

Dr Kate Pahl and Artist Steve Pool ‘Living Your Life Because it’s the Only Life You’ve Got‘ (Seminar 4)

Carson & Miller Artist Publication ‘OTHER OBJECTS – PIERCING CHILDHOOD – CARSON & MILLER (Seminar 5)

  1. Karin Murris permalink

    I couldn’t download one of your papers (seminar 5). Could you kindly send it to me? What a wonderful series – very thought provoking. thank you!

  2. HI Rachel
    The title is: Carson & Miller Artist Publication ‘Other Objects- Piercing Childhood
    Many thanks!

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