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Seminar 1

(De)territorialising the field – the focus and impact of government social policy, educational research and practice

Location: Manchester Metropolitan University, Didsbury. Map
Date: 23rd June 2011
Time: 9.30 – 4.30

This first seminar discussed challenges that permeate the relationship between policy imperatives, educational research and inquiry-led practice in UK contexts, opening up concerns around how policy shapes children’s lives and discussing ways to make spaces for de-territorialisation.

Dr John Stephens, Deputy Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Cheshire Council, ‘How policy has shaped children’s lives’

Dr Janet Fink, Senior Lecturer in social Policy and Criminology, The Open University, ‘How policy has shaped children’s lives and futures’

Professor Maggie MacLure, Professor of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Starting to de-territorialise the field’

Professor Liz Jones, Professor of Early Years, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Becoming a problem: reflects on a research project’

Michael Newman and young people from Summerhill School,  ‘Making spaces for de-territorialisation’

Phil Arnold and young people from Reddish Vale Technology College, ‘Making spaces for de-territorialisation’

Click here for flyer PDF: Seminar One

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