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Seminar 4

Interdisciplinary ethical challenges – the ‘state’ of the society and world in which children are growing up

Location: University of Sheffield, Sheffield

Date: 29th March 2012
Time: 10.30 – 4.30pm

This fourth seminar examined the ethical challenges of attempting to study ‘the child’ across disciplines such as education, art and visual sociology and the role of childhood research in empowering individuals and societies to make change. Awkward conversational encounters were evoked that considered a series of images of the child alongside UK policy documents that construe the young child in particular and sterile ways. Contemporary UK mandates for children to be ‘safe’, ‘secure’ and ‘healthy’ are driven by society’s anxious construal of the child and childhood. By turning to a variety of alternative disciplines, we aimed to disturb ‘right minded’ notions, deriving from humanist discourses, of child safety and health.


Dr Kate Pahl ,University of Sheffield, and Steve Pool, Artist, Sheffield, ‘Collaborative ethnography with children and young people: Displaying complex cultures in writing and art’

Professor Cathy  Nutbrown, University of Sheffield, ‘Naked by the Pool? Blurring the Image? Ethical Issues in the Portrayal of Young Children in Arts-Based Educational Research’

Professor Sue  Grieshaber, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Breaking the Rules Ethically’

Professor Erica Burman, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Avoid the Big Society’

Click here for flyer PDF: Seminar Four

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