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The following presentations were given during the seminar series….

Seminar 1

Ruby writing about her experiences at Summerhill ruby-on-summerhill

Seminar 2

Professor Allison James (University of Sheffield) The Problems and Potential for Giving Voice

Seminar 3

Mary Guyatt (V & A Museum of Childhood) Researching British Childhoods 1870 – 1914 Carolyn Chinn (V & A Museum of Childhood) Approaches to Learning

Seminar 4

Professor Erica Burman (Manchester Metropolitan University) Avoid- the Big Society

Dr Kate Pahl and Artist Steve Pool (University of Sheffield) Collaborative Ethnography with Children and Young People

Professor Sue Grieshaber (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) Breaking the Rules Ethically

Seminar 5

Professor Steven Bruhm (Western University, Canada) in conversation with Dr Fiona McCulloch (University of Bradford, UK) The Counterfeit Child

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